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What's Cookin' at Gilda's Club?

Supper Club Nourishes Mind, Body and Soul

Gilda's Club Greater Toronto (GCGT) is a place where people whose lives have been touched by cancer come to obtain emotional and practical support. Because 2 in 5 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetimes (Canadian Cancer Society, 2015) there is a critical demand to meet the needs of those dealing with the emotional and social repercussions of living with cancer. Of the many programs offered at GCGT, one of the most successful is our Not-Just-Supper Club program. The program is run by Chef and nutrition professor, Amy Symington M.Sc., along with her team of diverse and eager volunteers, many of whom are enrolled in the Culinary Management Nutrition (CMN) Program Chef Amy teaches at George Brown College (GBC). Together they deliver nutrient-dense, health-promoting meals that allow members to avoid the stress of organizing and preparing dinner for themselves and their families, while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to come together in a supportive, comforting and empowering community setting. Immediately following the Not-Just-Supper Club meal, GCGT runs a variety of our wellness group meetings and the Not-Just-Supper Club facilitates and encourages attendance. The Not-Just-Supper Club format provides a focus point for a range of positive social outcomes: nutrient dense, wellness-promoting meals, community emotional support, and targeted health and wellness education.

Any member attending a support group at Gilda's Club Greater Toronto on Tuesday or Thursday evenings is welcome to drop by for the Not-Just-Supper club beforehand, prepared by Amy and her kitchen staff. Members can also sign up for one of Amy’s nutrition workshops or culinary demonstrations.

Check out our Calendar for a current listing of all our food, nutrition and dietary related workshops available.

Please find below a sampling of the health promoting recipes that are served at Gilda’s each week. For specific recipes, click on our Facebook or Twitter page. You can follow us every step of the way on our food journey on social media via sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Happy & healthy cooking! Membership for Gilda's Club Greater Toronto is free.

Call (416) 214-9898 and ask for Program Staff.

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Healthy Supper Club Recipes:

Beetroot Falafel
Lentil Stew