Vehicle Donation Program

Vehicle Donation Program through

How does the vehicle donation process work through

It is a easy and simple 5 step process:

1. Call 416-286-8687 or fill out our online donation form to request a vehicle pickup.
The link to the form whereby proceeds go to Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto is:'s-club-greater-toronto

2. Our representatives will ask you various questions about your vehicle such as; year, make, model, color, condition, etc.

3. You will mutually agree upon a time to have your vehicle picked up or driven to your local vehicle recycler .

4. You will be required to transfer the vehicle registration by signing it over to your local vehicle recycler in return for a receipt of pick-up for your vehicle.

5. The Charity you have donated the vehicle to (in our case, Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto) will provide you with a tax receipt for the full recycling value of the vehicle.